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Application Process (Fall 2018)

Note: You must be logged into your Virginia Google account (@virginia.edu) to access any Google Drive files or forms linked below.


First round

  1. Submit a resume and an investment long/short memo on a company not currently in our portfolio. Please use this template to create your memo. We ask for a copy of your resume (one-page max), in addition to your memo (one-page max) as separate PDF documents. You can upload them here in our application by Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
    • Here is Nathan Lin's (current manager) Nvidia ($NVDA) investment long memo as an example. It's done well for us, yielding us ~500%.
  2. Fill out this interest form.
  3. Try to attend one general information session (Date & Time TBD, please revisit the calendar below). Attendance is taken during these information sessions, and we ask that you try to attend if you are interested in applying.

MII managers will extend offers to the interview stage of the application process. These offers will be given based off of candidates' resumes and investment memos.


Second round

  1. Participate in one 15-minute interview with one to two MII managers. The location and time of these interviews are TBD, but we expect these to occur a few days after the application deadline.

After these interviews, MII managers will extend final offers to join the investment institute as part of the Fall 2018 Analyst class prior to General Body Meeting #1 (tentatively Tuesday, September 4th).

What we look for

  • Background in finance/investing is NOT required. This is a common misperception with our application process. While a knowledge or past experience does not hurt, it is taken into little consideration. We are much more interested that you are driven, intelligent, and have a propensity & willingness to learn.
  • Diversity of thought. Conspicuously, many of our members are pre-Commerce and Commerce. We, however, value other majors and disciplines as it adds to our diversity of thought. This diversity can help facilitate greater discussion and, hopefully, greater risk-adjusted returns. As such, we welcome and invite all majors – mathematics, statistics, psychology, history, computer science, anthropology, whatever interests you.
  • Innate interest to keep learning. We feel strongly that learning should never stop and hope that you feel similarly.
  • Intelligent and rational. Being smart is definitely a great step forward to being a good investor, but what is arguably even more important is being deeply rational. It is often more important to ask why something is the way that it is rather than merely appreciating it at face value.
  • Driven and hard-working. We ask a lot of our members. We hope that you are the type of an individual that has a demonstrated history of going above and beyond the requirement in order to the produce the best quality product you can.