Writing and presenting weekly market commentary to the McIntire Investment Institute is a great way to expand your knowledge of the financial markets, gain public-speaking skills, and to express potential interest in taking a greater responsibility to MII management.

If interested, sign up here to write and present the weekly market commentary to MII. You can sign up with another member of the Institute, but can also choose to do so individually if you wish.


  1. Using this memo template, please create a PDF write-up of your market commentary. Your memo should roughly cover market news from the previous MII meeting to the day prior to your presentation date. You can view the current portfolio here to aid in your commentary.
  2. Using this powerpoint template, please attach some slides to aid your presentation by 11:55 PM the night prior to your presentation date. These slides should allow you to highlight graphics, charts, or metrics you plan to discuss during your presentation to the Institute. Please do not read off your slides when presenting. All MII members will access to your slides and are fully capable of reading it themselves. Your slides should complement your memo, not be another long set of text that you read from.
  3. You will have five minutes to present your commentary and one to two minutes for Q&A on your presentation day.
  4. Upload your memo and slides here by 11:55 PM the night prior to your presentation date.

After your presentation, your memo and slides will be uploaded here. You will be cited and can be additionally linked to either your email or LinkedIn.