MII Gives $500,000 to UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce


MII’s gift to McIntire aims to support research in finance through the John A. Griffin Faculty Fellowship and the McIntire Investment Institute Speaker Series

Members of the Fall 2018 Management Team   From left to right : Josh Blutfield, Joanna Shaw, Nathan Lin, Abhijith Chaganti, Christopher DeSouza, Marisa Lombardi, Richard Song  Not pictured : Donny Waymire, Aneesh Reddy, Ronald Diu

Members of the Fall 2018 Management Team
From left to right: Josh Blutfield, Joanna Shaw, Nathan Lin, Abhijith Chaganti, Christopher DeSouza, Marisa Lombardi, Richard Song
Not pictured: Donny Waymire, Aneesh Reddy, Ronald Diu


You can read our full announcement letter (PDF) here.
You can find coverage on UVA Today here.
You can see the press release from the McIntire School of Commerce here.

To the McIntire Community:

Since its founding in 1994 from a $100,000 grant from Professor John Griffin, the McIntire Investment Institute has been educating generations of students passionate about investing.  MII emphasizes fundamental investing through a disciplined research process, and we instill these skills in our members to carry on our organization’s legacy. Our mission is to help our members find their passion and interests in investing, and we do so through a rigorous training program as well as hands-on, active management of our portfolio by our members.

This semester, MII reached a milestone $1 million in assets under management, which is a testament to both the strength of our organization’s legacy as well as our membership. Even still, we understand that the fundamental purpose of our organization, and of the assets in our Fund, is to continue and promote the culture of investing at the University of Virginia. We recognize the critical relationship between MII and the whole of the McIntire community, as well as our organization’s role in educating and preparing the next generation of investors studying at our University. Aside from the support we give our members, MII has traditionally fulfilled this role through contributions in support of the School; since inception, MII has donated a total of $250,000 to McIntire.

In 2019, as the University prepares to celebrate its Bicentennial and MII marks its 25th anniversary, we feel that there is no better time to give back than the present. To commemorate these milestones, MII is honored to give $500,000 in support of the McIntire School of Commerce and the Center for Investors and Financial Markets as a token of our gratitude. We are grateful for the support that McIntire and the University have given to MII, as well as the generosity of Professor Griffin,  whose donation in establishing MII in 1994 has allowed students—past, present, and future—to find their passion in investing. Our contribution  represents MII’s net gains of nearly 100% over the last four years. We hope that it can be used to aid students and faculty at McIntire in pursuing passions, interests, and academic advancements within business, finance, and investing.

We would like to thank all the members of MII, past and present, and our Fall 2018 management team: Chris DeSouza, Ronald Diu, Marisa Lombardi, Joanna Shaw, Donny Waymire, Josh Blutfield, Ken Pentimonti, Aneesh Reddy, Richard Song, and James Cane. MII was so successful over the course of its history because of the tireless commitment by our members and portfolio managers. After a successful 25 years, we are very optimistic that MII will come out even stronger for the next 25 years to come.

All the best,

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Anthony Nathan Lin

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Abhijith (AJ) Chaganti
Chief Investment Officer