Professional Development

MII members represent some of the most driven, intelligent undergraduate students the University of Virginia has to offer. Our members have reported that the experiences and knowledge they pick up at our Institute have helped them reach their professional goals. Through our hands-on approach to the financial markets, educational workshops, and networking events with corporate institutions and alumni of the Institute, our members have found themselves positions at some of the most renowned and respected organizations.

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Recruiting & Career Development

Management and senior members of the club train our junior members to excel in the interviewing and internship process.

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Alumni & Professional Network

As the oldest investing club at the UVA, we have one of the most extensive and successful alumni networks of any student investment club.

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Internal Opportunities for Growth

Members of MII get access to exclusive resources to develop outstanding investing skills that continue to be leading indicators of success in Finance.

Our members and alumni are well-represented at the world’s top firms, including: