MII Point72 Internal Stock Pitch Competition

Winning Team: Pictured from left to right is Chris DeSouza (2nd-year, Associate), Colin Suvak (2nd-year, Associate), James Parkerson (1st-year, Analyst) and Andrew Parkerson (2nd-year, Associate).

Congratulations to the MII Point72 Internal Stock Pitch Competition winning team!

The winning team won with its GRUB–S pitch. The investment memo can be found here and the presentation deck can be found here.

The all members of the winning team have been offered live video interviews for Point72's Sophomore Summit. All 1st and 2nd-years on finalist teams have been offered pre-recorded video interviews for this program as well.

Finalist Teams

Team #1: $M–L (slides)
Donny Waymire
Anthony Cracchiolo
Abhijith Chaganti
Anna Venetianer

Team #2: $ETSY–S (slides)
Ashish Kumar
Aneesh Susarla
Alejandro Castillo
DJ Jayachandran

Team #3: $ETSY–L (slides)
Nathan Lin
Brian Murray
James Caffrey
Andrew Lee

Team #4: $GRUB–S (slides)
Christopher DeSouza
Colin Suvak
Andrew Parkerson
James Parkerson

Team #5: $GRUB–L (slides)
Yushan Li
Han Yuan Du
Jianda Liu
Tingyu Yang

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The McIntire Investment Institute at the University of Virginia will be hosting an MII-internal stock pitch competition with Point72 Asset Management culminating on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017. Teams will compete internally, and the finalists will present their winning pitches to a board of Point72 judges. The 2nd-year students on the finalist teams will be offered an opportunity to interview for Point72’s Sophomore Summit, a one-day externship program for highly-qualified candidates interested in investing and the Point72 Academy.




Point72, along with many of the other top long/short shops, has increasingly become more data-driven in its investment process. As such, this stock pitch competition will additionally include a data component that we normally do not have access to. Point72 has provided us ~65,000 anonymized transactions each for Esty ($ETSY), GrubHub ($GRUB), or Macy's ($M). These transactions include information regarding users IDs, order dates, order totals, description of the purchase, and so on. 

Teams should select one of the three names provided in the data sets (either Etsy, GrubHub, or Macy’s), and prepare a pitch for that one name, incorporating that specific company’s set of data. When using the provided data, the key is to develop your own insights and incorporate them into your thesis.

Use the MII memo template, though the order and/or formatting can be altered to present an investment argument differently. Additionally, as every team will be pitching one of three companies, please keep the Company Description and Business Model brief. Use the MII investment framework to aid your investment research process, though do not feel compelled to follow it verbatim. Additionally, Point72 has provided additional guidelines/suggestions to aid you in your pitch process. While the MII memo template will guide you in covering most of these pointers, there are some notable differences to MII's typical investment process (namely, a shorter time horizon and the use of provided data sets).

The data sets can be downloaded here. This data can only be accessed by those who have signed up to compete in this competition. If you have signed up, but do not have access, please email Aditya Bindra. You must be logged into your Virginia account to access this data set. Please do not share with these data sets with any members outside of your team (including other MII members). 

Preliminary Round

Register to compete with a team of 3 – 4 members (with at least one 2nd-year) by Thursday, February 2nd, 11:59pm ET. A team leader must then fill out this form of intentAll team members must be members of MII.

  1. Each team member should upload his resume here by Friday, February 10th, 11:59pm ET.

  2. Submit your final investment memo and valuation by Friday, February 17th, 5:00pm ET here. If you performed your data analysis outside of your Excel valuation file (e.g., R, Python, Stata code), please upload your work there as well. Your final submission will be evaluated by a team of past and current MII managers not competing in the competition.

  3. Four to five finalist teams will be announced by Sunday, February 19th, 5:00pm ET.


Final Round

Finalist teams will pitch their investment ideas in front of a panel of judges from Point72 and MII members during MII’s General Body Meeting on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 beginning at 7:00pm ET. Point72 judges may include Academy leadership, Academy recruitment professionals, investment professionals, MII alumni, and the MII President. Presentations are to be approximately 10 minutes long (6.5 minutes to pitch, 3.5 minutes for Q&A). A MII presentation template can be found here.

All 2nd-year students on finalist teams will be given the opportunity to interview for Point72’s Sophomore Summit in the weeks following the stock pitch competition.